Electronic Access Account

Right for you if:

  • You want unlimited POS, ATM, Internet and Mobile Banking

The Electronic Access Account gives you chequing privileges and unlimited self-service debit transactions for a low monthly fee. Enjoy:

  • Convenience and value: For only $5 XCD or $3 USD a month1, you get unlimited self-service debit transactions, plus 1 Branch or Cheque transaction as well as the ability to shop with your ScotiaCard Visa Debit card
  • Overdraft Protection: All cheques, withdrawals, pre-authorized payments, and debit purchases are honored up to your predetermined overdraft limit2, giving you total peace of mind
  • Easy record keeping: Enjoy quarterly printed statements

1 Regular service fees apply.
2 Some conditions apply, as dictated by the Terms and Conditions.

Fees and Terms

$5 XCD / $3 USD monthly fee

Unlimited self-service debit transactions plus 1 Branch or Cheque transaction each month

Quarterly printed statements

Bank electronically as often as you like for just $5 XCD or $3 USD per month1, using any of our convenient self-service channels — including Mobile, and Internet Banking, ATMs2, and by shopping with your ScotiaCard. Plus:

  • No charge for Scotiabank ATM or in-branch deposits
  • Chequing privileges
  • Overdraft Protection3
  • Quarterly statements

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1 Regular service fees apply.
2 Includes Scotiabank ATMs and ATMs worldwide displaying the Cirrus symbol.
3 Some conditions apply, as dictated by the Terms and Conditions.

Additional Information

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Want convenient, 24-hour-access to your money as well as a competitive rate of interest on your Savings Account?

Our Scotiabank Banking Plan bundles an Everyday Banking Account and Savings Account, so you can reap the benefits of both.

The Banking Plan includes:

  • An Everyday Banking Account that features unlimited self-service transactions, as well as up to 10 in-branch or cheque transactions each month
  • A Savings Account that earns an attractive rate of interest and features unlimited self-service transfers between accounts as well as 1 free debit transaction through any channel every month

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